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Werner Sanders Makelaardij: a new name, but a well-known and established player in the real estate business as I have been active in and around Eindhoven for many years. I am known for my very personal and enthusiastic approach accompanied by considerable experience and expertise. I am always looking for new properties to sell so please feel free to get in touch with me at any time!

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Werner Sanders Makelaardij would like to be your real estate agent! Your property will be in good hands with us. 
Why choose Werner Sanders Makelaardij?
Selling a home or apartment involves a long and sometimes complex process. It all starts with setting the right price. Various factors play an important role here, for example the location, state of facilities, age of the property, maintenance, structural condition, size, the different possible uses, legal and economic factors, and so on. But thanks to our thorough knowledge of the housing market in the Eindhoven region, combined with the expertise of a passionate and driven real estate agent and valuer, at Werner Sanders Makelaardij you have come to the right address for the sale of your property.
NVM membership

A good sale starts with having a solid basis. And to ensure that, we work under the banner of the NVM. This organisation offers a guarantee for you as a client and being able to display its badge means that, as a brokerage firm, we have been known for delivering assured quality for many years. The continuous education commitment required for membership and the regular certification process ensure that an NVM certified brokerage firm always has the latest knowledge of the business.
Presentation of your property (Funda and social media)

A good sale stands or falls with the presentation of the property. Needless to say, we therefore pay a lot of attention to this aspect. Delivering quality can be done in many ways. For example through photography, video footage, digital maps, and of course a prominent position on Funda website, but also by making use of various social media pages. We would like to tell you more about our ideas in an individual personal meeting.

Full service provision

Everyone is busy today and buying and selling your house can often lead to a lot of extra tension and involve considerable time and effort. We want to prevent you from having to deal with these issues and so that’s why we advise you to leave the sale of your house in our hands. We have many years of experience in this field and know all of the ins and outs of the business, meaning that you can be assured that we won’t forget a single detail. Of course we will keep you fully in the loop during the whole process and will coordinate with you about the decisions that need to be taken and their appropriate timing.

Non-binding valuation/appraisal

For arranging a non-binding valuation/appraisal, simply call us on +31 (0)40 – 284 21 12 or send us an email. We are always happy to discuss our terms and conditions and competitive rates with you. We would be delighted to be your real estate agent!


Important decision

For a lot of people, buying a house is a once in a lifetime thing. It is also one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make in your life. On the one hand there are the possible financial consequences while, on the other hand, the huge amount of joy that you could get from your new home. Choosing the right property to purchase is therefore a crucial decision.

Professional support

Werner Sanders Makelaardij offers you all the help that you will need during the process of finding your ideal house, up to and including the purchase and the conveyance at the notary’s office. We are always up to date with the latest attractive offers available to you and, as our client, we will immediately pass this information on to you.

Purchase guidance and support

We will guide you through all the necessary steps, which of course depend on the house or apartment in question - assuming of course it involves a realistic purchase price. Besides that, many other factors play an important role here, such as acceptance terms, the condition of the structure and its maintenance, legal aspects, location of the property, etc.


An essential part of the decision to purchase your dream house is the finance that is involved. Here we work closely together with multiple financial consulting firms that can help you to make the right choices in terms of mortgages, insurance, and retirement pensions. It is even possible to create a financial plan that is tailored to your personal situation and which takes into account the various possible future scenarios in your life.  

Ultimate goal

The ultimate goal is that you find the house where you will happily live with lots of joy for the coming years! And of course, that you have bought that house under the best possible conditions and with confidence. That makes for a very comfortable living feeling!
Non-binding information meeting

If you would like to set up a non-binding meeting at our office or at your own home, please call us on +31 (0)40 – 284 21 12 or send us an email.


Werner Sanders Makelaardij makes valuations for….

Valuations/Appraisals for new or existing mortgages

When you are buying a house, you usually need a mortgage. The lender/bank then wants to have an idea of the value of a property and in most cases will request a valuation/appraisal report drawn up by an independent and professional broker. The bank will also often request an insight into the value of a property in the case of mortgage refinancing. Based on the contents of the valuation report, the bank will then assess whether they will provide financing. Please note: valuation/appraisal costs for the purchase of a property are tax deductible.

Valuations/appraisals for other purposes

There are a few other reasons why someone could need a valuation/appraisal report. For example, the tax authorities might be asking for an idea of the value of an immovable property in connection with determining the inheritance tax of an estate or when you appeal against a received WOZ assessment. And in the event of a divorce, a detailed valuation/appraisal report will also be required for the financial settlement.
NWWI Valuation/Appraisal
Werner Sanders Makelaardij is a member of the NVM (the Dutch association of estate agents). In addition, we are a certified and sworn Register Broker (RM) and Registered Valuer/Appraiser (RT). We are also affiliated with the Dutch Property Value Institute (NWWI) and registered with the Dutch Register of Property Valuers/Appraisers (NRVT) and VastgoedCert.
BOG valuations/appraisals

We are also equipped to do commercial real estate valuations/appraisals in the Eindhoven region.
Years of experience
We have built up many years of experience in the field of property and business valuations/appraisals for a wide range of purposes. We are also extremely flexible and can provide a thorough valuation report quickly.
For further information on everything related to valuations/appraisals, please call us on +31 (040) 2842112 or send us an email.
Who are we?

I am Werner Sanders, a sworn and certified property broker/valuer/appraiser. I have been active in the real estate brokerage industry in Eindhoven and all of the surrounding municipalities since 1997. After having spent more than 20 very successful years working in the real estate business, I have decided that the time has come for me to start my own independent real estate business. Now that I have gained the necessary experience, I feel more than ready for making this step and fulfilling a long-cherished wish. I am proud to say that Werner Sanders Makelaardij is based on a strong foundation of years of professional experience, a broad network of contacts, and an undiminished level of job satisfaction.
Branch organisation

I consider quality to be of paramount importance and NVM membership is an essential part of this. Besides that, Werner Sanders Makelaardij is also connected to the NRVT (Dutch Register of Property Valuers/Appraisers) and the Vastgoedcert foundation (a sector-wide platform that ensures the certification and registration of real estate agents based on their professional competence).

Regional market knowledge

The value of a house or an apartment is mainly determined by its location. I have been active in the ‘Groot Eindhoven’ region throughout my entire professional career as a real estate agent. Furthermore, I have lived in this region all my life as I was born locally in Geldrop. These two facts ensure that I am fully aware of all aspects of the real estate business in this area and I know exactly what both moves and concerns the people in this region.


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It is also possible to arrange appointments and house viewings outside these opening hours.


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